A downloadable game

Chromelandia is an experimental VR demo by Gareth Murfin. This is for Windows (want Linux or OSX? leave a comment). It should work in ANY VR headset (or without), let me know :-)

If you wish to see a video of this demo, you can here.


WASD + Mouse

Shift to run

E (to fly or land)


Simply explore - there is no real goal but if you build land under an animal it will land and walk around, by doing this 5x the terrain will upgrade in colour and complexity. This will happen probably anyway as you explore :)

Picking up spheres give you special effects.

Let me know if you like it! This works without a VR headset so try anyway if you don't have one!


Developed using OSVR HMD 1.3 from Razer. This is a Windows demo, made in Unity5.

Music : Amiga Junglism

You can see lots of VR videos I have made of my games on this playlist.

Known bugs: Jerks when generating terrains sometimes, terrain generation fails sometimes when it has evolved beyond flat ground and you are far away. Solution, quit and reload.


Chromelandia0.4.rar 232 MB