Life As It is (0.0.1)

CONTROLS: cursor keys left,right,up,down -press up to go into a door

Keep your little man happy by giving him a variety of different things to do. Dance to music, play the piano, walk the dog and more in this cute little remake of the classic "Little Computer People".

Bare in mind this is not completed, some art is placeholder, and you can't actually do any of the activities yet. It is a rough prototype to test if GDEVELOP is a good tool for making tiny awesome webgames (as an alternative to Unity+WebGL), and I'm glad to say it is mighty impressive!!

If I develop this further then expect all of the features of LCP plus more. I was thinking of mixing it up with Skool Daze and having it so when you leave your house you can go to school (or work?) and it basically becomes a skool daze game also.

(thanks to Christian Anderton for kick-arse graphics, main sprite is still place holder 🙂 )

I am a freelance Android / Mobile App and game developer you can see my portfolio here:

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